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First: sorry for my English!

Well, now it's almost three months since I lent my body to the cause of the CST-Family, to experience a combination diet-training at least unusual, certainly not conventional, for sure never studied.

I state, as I did earlier, that it is a study case, not a statistical study. Therefore, the result is not considered absolute, but certainly an important impact on the world of fitness / nutrition today.

Unfortunately I can not reveal all the secrets in detail, because we are evaluating whether to continue for another two months or to publish all the data at the end of 90 days.

Meanwhile, I can tell you that in 87 days I lost 31lbs and 4 inches in abdominal circumference, that muscularly I'm geat and that I absolutely suffered hunger as many might think. In fact, I'd actually eat so much, sometimes too much so that 
I could not finish the prescribed ration. And not talking about carrots and celery, speaking of meat, eggs, vegetables and even moments of total freedom where I could vent on the worst junk food cravings and psyche, and believe me I took advantage.

I trained with regularity, but always and only with the CST / TACFIT system . That means a lot of circuits, use of Clubbells, Flowfit, Intu-Flow, etc.. I also refused, not to distort the result, and against the prescription of my coach Alberto Gallazzi (he will kill me), to make the 15-minute aerobic workout at the end, so it is only and exclusively the result of what the system CST / TACFIT today can offer.

Despite all this, and despite not being forced to go hungry, my life changed, I feel more efficient, lighter, happier and more sure of myself, I do not have imperfections due to weight loss and people often look at me with admiration for the results achieved.

Yes, I admit that it was not easy, there were critical moments, but if I look back these 3 months have flown by and the results were still giving me more confidence. There wasn't one time where the weight went back up.

I will stop here. I prefer to reaveal the rest when the time comes.

The only advice that I give you, not plan your re-birth .... do it NOW!